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Prelaunch Update - STRESS NO MORE Aromatherapy Crystal Bracelet

12/1/2021 - 8 Days to go
Why I Created This Diffuser Crystal Bracelet for Stress?

Counting Down 8 Days to... stress-relief Diffuser Crystal Bracelet launch on Dec 9! Yay!

Stress-relief diffuser crystal bracelet

First of all, thank you for signing up for my Early Bird waitlist. You are here joining me for the launch because...

  • You love purple?
  • You love crystals?
  • You love essential oils?
  • You feel stressed out and need a relief?
  • You are looking for a gift for someone who has been through a lot of stress in life?

Those are great reasons to be here :)

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Felice and I'm the founder of WonderSpark Jewelry and a NAHA-certified aromatherapist. 

I'm all about making jewelry that brings positive vibes. I also love mixing & blending therapeutic essential oils to help my clients increase their vibrational energy and restore balance in their life.

Since the pandemic started...

I noticed an increased level of stress from people around me (including myself) because of the new change of lifestyle. 

Some people can't seem to find a balance between work from home and family;

Some people can't stand spending 24/7 with their partners (ah... I heard so many stories about this);

Some people are worried about the future of our nation.

Well, as a mom of three, I'm constantly battling stress between my career and my young kids who are now doing digital schooling at home. Life can get overwhelmingly busy and stressful at times with everyone needing a piece of me.

Looks like everyone needs some ways to manage different stressful moments, now more than ever!

That's when I had an 'AHA' moment!

I thought...

why not fuse together my knowledge with essential oils and my passion for jewelry to create a functional bracelet that can put your stress and anxiety away...

So, since July, I decided to design a crystal bracelet that could carry a therapeutic calming aroma wherever you go. For this, I chose to use crystal gemstones as they will increase your vibrational energy (like essential oil) so you feel charged up for the day.

My friends thought the idea was brilliant!

I hope you think the same way too!
Aromatherapy essential oil mixing

This was me testing and mixing my proprietary stress-relief essential oil blend. I tested about 20 recipes to finally nail down the FINAL version.

Essential oil is only one part of the equation.

High vibrational crystals and grounding diffuser beads are here to make up the rest of the equation. Finding premium crystals that can pair well with the essential oil was also quite a challenge but I eventually made it happen!

And now... Ta da... Here's the STRESS NO MORE diffuser crystal bracelet, powered by...

  • Super Seven gemstones, which are powerful in balancing your 7 chakras. It has such a high vibrational intrinsic energy that you don't need to cleanse and charge your bracelet. It does it itself :)
  • Swarovski crystal for the spark
  • 925 sterling silver for a classy touch
  • My proprietary Stress No More Essential Oil blend

Diffuser crystal bracelet for stress and anxiety

Aren't these crystal gemstones beautiful?

They are not just good to look at, they are good in balancing your energy field too!

I'm glad that you joined this waitlist to get early access and a special discount on this functional bracelet.

You may have heard about the global supply chain problems the world is facing right now. For that reason, I am only able to secure a limited amount of gemstones to make these stress-relief bracelets (yes, I make them myself).

IF you think your friends and family will love to get this bracelet when I launch it next week, please go ahead and invite them to join my Early Bird waitlist.

Here's the Early Bird sign up link
Access it here