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Abundance - Citrine Aventurine Bracelet

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This 'Abundance' crystal bracelet is all that you need for manifestation, personal will, and luck. The sparkly golden Citrine harnesses the power of the Sun that is warm, energizing, and life-giving to light up all areas of your life. It also embodies the vibration to strengthen your self-esteem. The Green Aventurine promotes your optimism for life, pushing you to take action to make things happen. This powerful 'Stone of Opportunity' has been crowned the luckiest gemstone of all. With Citrine and Green Aventurine by your side, manifesting abundance in your life can be as easy as eating a pie! Wear this bracelet, keep positive thoughts and let the magic happen!


  • Authentic Gemstones
  • 7mm Citrine: self-worth, confidence, courage, success
  • 7mm Green Aventurine: opportunity, strength, confidence, courage


Wrist Measurements: Put a string around your wrist, then place the string on a ruler to measure. Add 1/2" for a snug fit and 1" for a more comfortable fit.

Example: For a 6 1/2" wrist, you will choose STANDARD 7" for a snug fit and LARGE 7.5" for a comfortable fit.

Note: The photo shows a STANDARD 7" bracelet. Sometimes we need to alter slightly the pattern within the bracelet to accommodate smaller/larger wrist sizes. All gemstones used are natural and unique. Your bracelet may differ from the photo.


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