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[Limited Edition] Inner Peace - Lepidolite Bracelet

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This 'Inner Peace' crystal bracelet is made with 4 powerful gemstones that are very good at restoring balance to your life. As you embark on a journey of finding inner peace, the Amethyst, Lepidolite, and Gold Rutilated Quartz are here to clear out your negative energies as well as the blockages in your 7 chakras. Not only that, the Citrine gemstone helps in reducing your sensitivity to criticism and inspires self-expression. Whenever your emotion is being challenged, wear this bracelet and let it guide you into finding your inner peace.


  • Authentic Gemstones
  • 10mm Mystic Amethyst: balance mood swing, relieve stress, purification
  • 8mm Lilac Lepidolite: soothe anxiety, clear out blockages
  • 8mm Gold Rutilated Quartz: block negative energies, amplify intention
  • 8mm Citrine:self-worth, confidence, courage, success


Wrist Measurements: Put a string around your wrist, then place the string on a ruler to measure. Add 1/2" for a snug fit and 1" for a more comfortable fit.

Example: For a 6 1/2" wrist, you will choose STANDARD 7" for a snug fit and LARGE 7.5" for a comfortable fit.

Note: The photo shows a STANDARD 7" bracelet. Sometimes we need to alter slightly the pattern within the bracelet to accommodate smaller/larger wrist sizes. All gemstones used are natural and unique. Your bracelet may differ from the photo.


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