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'Wonders of The 7 Chakras' Earrings Set

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Set your intent every day with this 'Wonders of The 7 Chakras' earrings set — a powerful reminder to help you in manifesting abundance in life, love and wealth. The 7 chakras are the 7 centers of energy in our body. Whenever you feel stuck in life, it is most likely one or more of your chakras are being blocked. In order to let abundance flows into your life, you will have to work on unblocking, realigning and balancing these chakras.

Our 'Wonders of The 7 Chakras' earrings set makes the perfect companion to keep you focus on your unblocking effort. Each pair of earrings has brought together the accent of each Chakra symbol and its signature color into an elegant and timeless design.

Want to tap into your very own spiritual power? This earrings set is here to remind your strong intention throughout the day.

Here you will find the meaning of each Chakra earrings (from the bottom to top):

The 1st Chakra: ROOT (I am)

Root Chakra

Represents your stability, security, and safety, which is the foundation of your life
don't feel at home, experience fear, worry, constipation
Color: red

The 2nd Chakra: SACRAL (I feel)

Sacral Chakra

Represents the center of your emotional, creative and sexual energy as well as your ability to open to people and feel intimacy
 low sex drive, creative block, painful period, infertility
Color: orange


The 3rd Chakra: SOLAR PLEXUS (I act)

Solar Plexus Chakra

Represents your source of personal power, self-worth, and self-belief.
lack of willpower, low self-esteem, poor digestion
Color: yellow


The 4th Chakra: HEART (I love)

Heart Chakra

Represents your ability to love yourself and love others
 depression, lack of self-discipline, difficulty in a relationship, high blood pressure, heart diseases
Color: green


The 5th Chakra: THROAT (I speak)

Throat Chakra

Represents your ability to self-express and communicate clearly and effectively
 shy, feel like people don't want to hear you out, feel stuck holding onto secrets, sore throats
Color: blue

The 6TH Chakra: THIRD EYE (I see)

Third Eye

Represents your intuition and your ability to see the big picture
 lack of clarity and direction, headache
Color: indigo

The 7TH Chakra: CROWN (I know)

Crown Chakra

Represents your access to higher states of consciousness where you will find a lot of 'Ah Ha' moments
 difficulty meditation, feel bodily disconnected, sleeplessness
Color: violet

  • UNIQUE 2-in-1 Earrings
    The 'Heart Chakra' earrings can be worn 2 ways. You can just wear the yogi without the lotus flower for a minimalist look or the complete set for a full-blown zen ensemble

    The 'Root Chakra' earrings come in 2 designs. One represents the Chakra symbol and another one represents your spiritual wholeness

    Made with genuine 925K Sterling Silver

    Each flawless AAA Cubic Zirconia is handset with love by our artisans

    Plated with Rhodium for extra shine and extra strength

    Nickel and Lead-free for sensitive ears
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    Courtney T.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    simply elegant

    This earring set is so elegant. I love the design and the meaning of it.

    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Good quality

    I like that these earrings are hypoallergenic because I have sensitive ears. They are all so pretty, I have hard time to decide which one to wear that I asked my 3-year-old daughter to pick for me. She loves choosing earrings for me.

    Jasmine L.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    7 chakras

    so unique! I have seen a lot of 7 chakras bracelets but never seen earrings like this. My favorites are the heart chakra and root chakra earrings. I received so many compliments in my yoga class