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Will Knowing “What Are 7 Chakras” Bring Abundance to Your Life?

what are the 7 chakras

Will knowing about what the 7 chakras are REALLY bring abundance to your life?

YES, of course! Here at WonderSpark, we have personally experienced the power of 7 chakras that we even went on creating “The Wonders of 7 Chakras” earrings set to help people attract abundance, set intentions, and manifest goals to lead a satisfying life.

Have you ever felt stuck at a certain point in your life, or are you currently experiencing that right now? You hope to change your situation for the better, but no matter how hard you work, you always seem to be marching at the same spot?

You are not alone! Many people out there are in the same shoes as you. A few lucky ones have had the opportunity to learn about the 7 Chakras and finally find the tool to have a breakthrough in their lives. And, of course, abundance in wealth, love, and health follows when you know how to maintain balanced chakras.

Let’s hear it from someone who experienced this.

CELIA FERNANDEZ, a lifestyle writer at, said:

“After my chakra cleansing session, I released a ton of negative energy and made room for the positive. I learned that I have a very bright spirit and need to focus more on myself. I spent too much time focusing on the needs of others, and now need to put myself first—not let other people bring me down.”

Here’s another person who has benefited from learning about the seven chakras.

DEANNA MICHALOPOULUS, an author on Yoga Journal, said:

Chakra meditation helped me open up my life and feel calm in moments when things didn’t go right for me.

“I could summon an abundance of presence, make deep connections with others, laugh with my good friend at midnight, be kind to my partner, and, most importantly, tend to myself.”

Does all of this sound too good to be true?

Keep reading!

We ask that you keep an open mind on what we are about to share. Hopefully, by the end of this blog post, you are able to take home some new knowledge and are inspired enough to research more about the 7 Chakras.

One more thing! We have also prepared a special gift — “Which Chakra is blocked?” quiz for you to find out which of your chakras are currently blocked and how you can unblock it to start manifesting abundance. Do read on till the end!

Are you ready to dive into the World of The 7 Chakras?

Let’s gooooooo!

The Unbelievably Long History of The Chakras

It may be the first time you are hearing about the 7 Chakras. But the chakra system was discovered in ancient India over 3,500 years ago. This was even before Jesus Christ was born! 

At that time, the chakra system was used in meditation practices to chant mantras while touching these 7 points of our body. The purpose of doing this was to install good mantras and assign divinity within one’s body. That way, we can bring about positive things to our lives.

Just like yoga, the chakra system is spread across the world by many believers and practitioners who personally experienced positive changes in life. The ancient knowledge of balancing chakras is not very different from what we do today. You should have a peace of mind  when it comes to learning more about what the seven chakras are, given its long history.

What Are Chakras? How Do They Look Like?

Chakras are thought to be spinning wheels of energy located within the human body. They are focal points that represent the flow of energy and can affect our physical and emotional wellbeing.

energy ball

You can think of chakra as the energy ball above spinning invisibly in your body to keep your energy flowing from your feet to your head.

Where Are The 7 Chakras Located?

The 7 Chakras are located in the center of your body along your spine. Each of the 7 chakras has an associated emotion, meaning, color, and role within the body. You may be curious to know what each chakra means and how it can help you to manifest abundance. We will get to this part in a bit.

where are the 7 chakras located

The 1st chakra, the Root Chakra, is located at the bottom of the spinal cord. You can think of your body like a tree. As you draw energy from the mother earth through your Root Chakra, your Chakra energy balls will start spinning as the energy moves upward and ultimately, above the crown of your head, through the Crown Chakra, a.k.a the 7th chakra.

Interestingly enough, out of the 7 Chakras, six are located along the spinal cord, and one is located just above the crown of the skull (Crown Chakra), which is where we connect to our higher self.

Now that you have a good idea of how a Chakra looks and where they are located, let’s take a look at what important role they play in our lives.

The 7 Chakras - What Role They Play in Our Lives

When your Chakra energy balls are balanced, and in alignment, energy is flowing harmoniously through the mind, body, and spirit. You will feel deeply connected with the energies that are in and around you.

However, in the hustle and bustle of life, the chakras often get misaligned, leaving you feeling unbalanced as though a wheel came off a car or a bike on a long journey.

And this is when you have to remind yourself to find your balance back! 

You will need to first identify which of your chakras is currently out of balance and set the intention to align it.

We, at WonderSpark, have drawn inspiration from the elements of the Chakras and designed Chakra earrings to help you set the right intention. We hope that our earrings can serve as a constant reminder for you to work on aligning your Chakras so that you can always live a happy and balanced life.

We will be sharing these meaningful earrings alongside each chakra, so you can have a more vivid feeling of these 7 Chakras.

Let’s first get to know about your Root Chakra — the chakra that is responsible for the feeling of insecurity at all stages of your life!

✅ The 1st Chakra - Root Chakra (I Am)

The Root Chakra represents your foundation. It is concerned with basic survival needs such as food, shelter, safety, comfort, and belonging.

Since the Root Chakra connects you to the earth, when you have a balanced root chakra, you should feel stable and grounded in life.

However, a blocked 1st chakra means that you are ungrounded. This often takes the form of anxiety, insecurity, or feeling unsafe. You may also feel like you are stuck or sluggish. 

A few examples for you, you may be experiencing financial issues and are unable to meet basic needs. It is also possible that you always think that you are not good enough.

Physically, the blocked root chakra can cause colon or bladder issues, constipation, arthritis, lower back, feet, and leg issues.

Are you experiencing any of these? If so, your Root Chakra might have been blocked.

Root Chakra

Mantra: I am
Meaning: Physical identity, stability, grounding, connection to the earth, financial security
Bodily functions/Organs: Legs, feet, bones, large intestine, and adrenal glands
Location: The base of the spine in the tailbone area
Color: Red


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root chakra earrings



✅ The 2nd Chakra - Sacral Chakra (I Feel)

The Sacral Chakra represents your emotions, passions, and pleasures. It tells how you relate to your emotions and those of others. This chakra also governs sexual energy and creativity.

Feelings of self-worth around sex, relationships, and creativity are connected with this chakra.

When this 2nd chakra is blocked, you may feel creatively uninspired or emotionally unstable. Emotionally, you may also experience fear of change, depression, or addiction-like behaviors. You may feel a lack of control in your life.

Some of the physical manifestations of a blocked Sacral Chakra include sexual dysfunction, hormonal or fertility issues, impotency, urinary tract infections, and lower back pain.

Do you feel any of this? If yes, you may need to pay more attention to your Sacral Chakra as it might be blocked.

sacral chakra

Mantra: I feel
Meaning: Sexuality, Pleasure, Emotions, Procreation, and Creativity
Bodily functions/Organs: Kidneys, bladder, circulatory system, reproductive organs, and glands
Location: In the pelvic region, a couple of inches below the belly button
Color: Orange


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✅ The 3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra (I Act)

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the source of personal power and focuses on individual willpower, transformation, confidence, and commitment. 

It represents the relationship with yourself. This chakra is connected with your self-esteem and self-worth, allowing you to embrace your authenticity.

In the case of a blocked 3rd chakra, you may suffer from low self-esteem, have difficulty making decisions, and have anger or control-related issues. You may feel shame and self-doubt and, as a result, not be able to work on your dreams.

You could also feel powerless by giving your power away, leading you to express apathy, procrastinate, or be taken advantage of. 

The physical ways in which a blocked Solar Plexus can show include digestive issues like ulcers, heartburn, eating disorders, and indigestion. 

What do you think of your Solar Plexus Chakra? Is it in good shape or bad shape?

Just so you know, it is possible to have more than 1 chakra blocked. Keep reading and see if you have any more chakras that are misaligned.

solar plexus chakra

Mantra: I Act
Meaning: Self-esteem, Confidence and Power
Bodily functions/Organs: Digestive system, muscles, pancreas, and adrenal glands
Location: In the stomach, 2-3 inches above the belly button
Color: Yellow


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solar plexus chakra earrings



✅ The 4th Chakra - Heart Chakra (I Love)

The Heart Chakra is the central chakra that connects the lower chakras (that are associated with materiality) and the upper chakras (that are associated with spirituality). 

This chakra, often referred to as the heart space in yoga classes, is where the physical and the spiritual meet. The Heart Chakra represents love and compassion. 

The ability to give and receive love, both from yourself and others, and forgive, is governed by the Heart Chakra.

Emotionally, if this chakra is blocked, you may have difficulties in fully opening yourself to others. Further, you may be emotionally closed off and find it hard to forgive either yourself or others who have hurt you.

A blocked Heart Chakra can cause heart problems, asthma, allergies, and weight issues. 

Do you think you have a blocked heart chakra?

heart chakra

Mantra: I Love
Meaning: Love, Compassion, Trust, and Relationships
Bodily functions/Organs: Lungs, heart, arms, hands, and thymus gland
Location: Center of the chest - in and around the heart space
Color: Green


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heart chakra earrings



✅ The 5th Chakra - Throat Chakra (I Speak)

The first of the upper chakras, the Throat Chakra, represents communication. It gives voice to your heart chakra by allowing you to speak your truth and express yourself clearly while being able to fully listen to others.

If you have a blocked Throat Chakra, it may be hard for you to find words to communicate clearly or express how you truly feel. You may have a fear of speaking up and may go with what others say because you don’t want to upset them.

A blocked Throat Chakra's physical ramifications may show as voice and throat problems such as a sore or blocked throat and issues in the surrounding regions, such as the teeth, gums, and mouth.

How do you feel about your Throat Chakra?

 throat chakra

Mantra: I Speak
Meaning: Communication, Self-Expression and Voice
Bodily functions/Organs: Neck, shoulders, arms, hands, thyroid, and parathyroid glands
Location: In the middle of the throat
Color: Blue


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throat chakra earrings



✅ The 6th Chakra - Third Eye Chakra (I See)

As we move up the body, we get closer to connecting with the divine. The Third Eye Chakra represents your intuition. You can think of this chakra as the eye of the soul since it registers information beyond the surface level.

It helps you see the bigger picture by cutting through any illusions or drama. This chakra gives you the power to recognize and connect with your intuition as well as your sense of purpose in life.

Emotionally, a blocked Third Eye Chakra may make it difficult for you to access your intuition, trust your inner voice, recall important facts or learn new skills.

If any of your lower chakras are blocked, your Third Eye Chakra will most likely be blocked as well. This may cause you to act more judgmental, dismissive, and introverted. You may also be disconnected from your intuition and may feel lost regarding your life’s purpose. 

In addition to having issues relating to depression, anxiety, and a more judgmental attitude, a blocked Third Eye Chakra can manifest in various physical forms. 

Since this chakra is physically located on the head, a blocked chakra can cause headaches or tensions in the brow area, dizziness, sight or concentration issues, and hearing problems. 

Do you feel any tension in your brow area? It could possibly be due to a blocked Third Eye Chakra!

 third eye chakra

Mantra: I See
Meaning: Intuition, Imagination and Visualization
Bodily functions/Organs: Visual perception, pituitary gland and neurological function
Location: In the middle of the forehead
Color: Indigo


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third eye chakra earrings



✅ The 7th Chakra - Crown Chakra (I Know)

And finally, we have the Crown Chakra, which is the highest chakra and the center of enlightenment. It represents the spiritual connection to your higher self and, ultimately, the divine. It is important to note that very few people can ever open this chakra, but when they do, they are able to access higher consciousness.

This chakra is responsible for spirituality, belief systems, revelation, divine consciousness, and enlightenment.

A blocked Crown Chakra can cause you to feel aimless with a strong attachment to material possessions and disconnect from the spiritual world. As a result, you may feel energetically numb with a lack of direction and purpose in life.

This chakra is linked to every other chakra (and therefore every organ in this system), and so it can affect all of those organs. It may also manifest as migraines, tension headaches, and even causing sleeping problems.

What do you think? Is your Crown Chakra blocked?

crown chakra

Mantra: I Know
Meaning: Ultimate Awareness, Intelligence and Connection to Source
Bodily functions/Organs: Cerebral cortex, central nervous system, and the pituitary gland (brain functions and the nervous system)
Location: The very top of the head resting on your crown
Color: Violet/White


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crown chakra earrings




One or More of Your Chakras May Be Blocked...

As you may have already noticed from the information, we shared above that chakras correspond strongly to feelings. Keep in mind that one or more chakras may have resonated with you right now while you are reading this blog post. But maybe tomorrow, a different chakra resonates with you. It is also possible that some chakras have been a continuous problem for you. It all depends on how you feel in the moment.

Different chakra blocks may pop up now and then. And that is why WonderSpark has created a chakra earring gift set of all the chakras — “Wonders of The 7 Chakras”. This earring set will help you balance and empower all of your chakras, one day at a time. 

wonders of the 7 chakras



Find Out Which Chakra Is Blocked. Take The Quiz Now!

We just shared a lot of information with you and it may be slightly overwhelming for you to remember the roles of each of the 7 chakras. To help you recall this correctly, we have created the below cheat sheet for you.

where are the 7 chakras located and what role do the chakras play in our lives

Now that you know “What are 7 Chakras” and what roles they play in your life, are you ready to find out which of your chakras are blocked and how you can unblock them? 

Take our “Which chakra is blocked?” quiz [coming soon] to find out more. Click below to take the quiz NOW!

Which Chakra Is Blocked QUIZ

Don’t worry if you have a blocked chakra. At the end of the quiz, you will learn how to align your chakras so that you can go on to live a balanced, intentional, and happy life.

We hope you have a better understanding of the 7 Chakras by now and are interested to know more about them.  

Let’s put your knowledge to test and see if you can correctly guess which of your chakras is blocked before you take our quiz!

So, which of your chakras do you think is blocked?

Comment below to let us know!

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