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"Which Chakra is Blocked?" Quiz

which chakra is blocked quiz

Now that you have read and know about the 7 Chakras from our "Will knowing "What are 7 Chakras" Bring Abundance to Your Life?" post, it is time to find out which of your chakras is blocked. And our “Which Chakra is Blocked?” quiz will tell you exactly that.

From our first post, you have learned about how each chakra is associated with different emotions and parts of your body. We mentioned that all the 7 chakras have to work together to attract abundance in wealth, love, and health into your life.

However, sometimes some of our chakras can get blocked either because we have overworked them or hardly worked with them. When chakras are blocked, their effects can be felt all over the body through both physical and emotional forms, especially those connected with the blocked chakra. These ramifications can range from external physical pain to internal systems of the body going off track. Emotionally, you can have extreme mood swings, anxiety, or just the feeling of being stuck, amongst other feelings that bring your energy down.

Therefore, finding out which of your chakras is blocked as soon as you sense something is off is essential. Regularly checking this and balancing your chakras is crucial to your health and well-being. It is also important to note that while one of your chakras is blocked this month, in the next month another chakra may be blocked. Making it a practice to balance your chakras frequently will help you in eventually balancing all your chakras and raising your vibration.

After you find out which of your chakras is blocked, we will tell you how to open your blocked chakras and how to realign your chakras to bring them to balance. We hope you are as eager as us to find out which of your chakras is blocked.


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