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How to Open Your Root Chakra

how to open your root chakra

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Have you been feeling fatigued from being nervous, fearful, and insecure about your life? Or have you found yourself constantly dealing with weight gain, strong snacking desire, or constipation problems?

If you have answered YES to any of the above, you may have a blocked Root Chakra.

But don’t fret because this does not mean that your Root Chakra is blocked permanently. (phew!)

Here comes the GOOD NEWS! You can open your blocked Root Chakra just by following one or more of the simple methods that we will share with you just in a bit.

But first, let’s talk about why opening the Root Chakra is so important.

The Root Chakra represents the foundation of our energy system. Like its name ‘Root’; it helps us stay grounded by connecting us to the Earth, creating a sense of STABILITY.

Unblocking the Root Chakra allows us to draw the grounding energy from the Earth to our feet, but this chakra is not located at our feet. Then where is it located? The Root Chakra is located at the base of our tailbone.


The POWERFUL grounding energy from the Earth will then flow upward, fueling the 7 chakras, and eventually connecting us to our HIGHER POWER. This is why our Root Chakra must always stay healthy. Otherwise, our other chakras will tend to be imbalanced too.

All set to open your Root Chakra?

Setting The ABUNDANCE Intention

Before you start the unblocking chakra exercises, it is crucial that you first set your ABUNDANCE INTENTION. When you say a little prayer or affirmation about what you are going to do, you send out your intention into the Universe, asking it to assist you throughout this journey.

Do not overlook this critical step!
 The Law of Attraction and our intentions have the power to align our heart, mind, and body and turn our thoughts into our new realities. With this alignment, we can attract an abundance of wealth, health, and love to our lives.

At WonderSpark, this is how we like to set our Abundance Intention before starting to unblock the Root Chakra:


Step 1: Put on WonderSpark Root Chakra Earrings


SHOP Root Chakra Earrings

Step 2: Look into the mirror, focus on the color and symbol of the earrings

Step 3: Inhale and slowly exhale out all your worries (3x)

Step 4: Feel the energy of your Root Chakra (at the base of your spine)

Step 5: Let the universe know your wishes for life. How would it be for you when you no longer experience the problems you have?

Once you have set your abundance intention, you can choose one or more of the following methods to unblock your Root Chakra.

Method 1: Daily Affirmations

Repeating positive mantras can decrease the negative energies and bring healing to the body, thereby aligning your chakras.

Think about how your life would be when you feel secure / grounded financially, physically, and mentally… Is it all rainbow and sunshine?

Yuppie, daily affirmations can help you manifest those associated positive emotions. Be sure to practice it every single day! Remember to use affirmations that work best for you. You can repeat your affirmations out loud, in your mind, or even write them down.

You can also create your own affirmation(s) or choose any from the five listed below to get started!

Have you decided on your affirmations yet?


Don’t forget to JOT DOWN your feelings when you repeat your affirmations every day. You will be surprised to see how your feelings change as each day goes by.

With time, these affirmations should make you feel STABLE and GROUNDED. These emotions are proof that you are on the right path to unblock your Root Chakra.

Method 2: The Chakra Yoga

Practicing yoga is not only a great way to open your body but also your blocked chakras. Moving your body will help your energy flow smoothly and most importantly, put your Root Chakra back in balance.

Here’s a yoga sequence that we recommend you try out!😊

Video credit: Brett Larkin Yoga

Method 3: Cleansing Your Body with Crystals

Using crystals can help naturally open your blocked chakras. They ignite the natural flow of energy within you and balance your mind, body, and soul. Wearing the crystal around your neck or laying with the crystal close to your perineum and breathing for a few minutes can unblock your Root Chakra.

Red stones like Red Jasper and Red Agate are great because they represent the root chakra energy. Additionally, blackor green stones like Onyx and Hematite also provide healing to the Root Chakra.

Black crystals are recommended for stability and protection, while red ones are excellent for grounding. Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline are known to provide protection and grounding.

The image below shows some crystals that can help in opening your Root Chakra.

Is there any crystal that calls out to you?🤔


Source: 7 Chakra Store


Method 4: Meditation

Meditation is a great way to unblock your root chakra too! Through breathwork and the internal body connection, you can release negative or trapped energy from your body and instill it with new and positive energy.

Here’s a guided meditation that we like that can help you to open and realign your Root Chakra.

Do try it out and let us know in the comments how did you feel after the practice! 👍

Video credit: Meditative Mind


Did you know that you could open your root chakra through eating and dressing up as well?

It may sound silly to you, but you’ve got nothing to lose to give it a try, right?

Include the following to your Diet:

  • Root vegetables like potatoes, turnips, and carrots
  • Red fruits such as red apples, watermelon, and berries
  • Whole grains and proteins 
  • Spices like paprika and pepper
  • Teas such as hibiscus tea and rooibos

Nah… we’re not saying eating French Fries (potatoes) every day is a good choice to balance your root chakra, so please be mindful of what and how you eat.

Other interesting things you can do that work in unblocking Root Chakra:

    1. Color Therapy
    Since Red is the color of the Root Chakra, you could try visualizing or wearing this color.

    2. Spending Time in Nature
    Going out and spending time in nature or walking bare feet on the ground are also great for opening the Root Chakra and connecting with the Earth.

    3. Physical Exercise
    Throughout this post we have talked about how the Root Chakra is represented by the element of Earth. It is the reason why physical exercise is recommended to open this chakra.

    4. Connecting with Family and Friends
    Getting in touch with your loved ones and talking to them will make you feel like you belong here, giving you a sense of security. Moreover, if you can meet your loved ones and hug them, hold hands, or physically touch them, it will definitely help boost this feeling of protection.

    5. Making Things with Your Hands
    Using your hands to make things is soothing and helps in aligning the Root Chakra. Activities such as gardening, painting, and cooking are some examples.

    Now that you have learned all the different methods to unblock your root chakra, you need to make up your mind on which unblocking method(s) best suits you and do it 3 to 4 times a week.

    With consistent practice and a set intention for change, you shall achieve a healthy Root Chakra and start attracting abundance to your life.

    After about 4 weeks of working on your Root Chakra, come take our "Which Chakra Is Blocked" quiz to see if you have been successful with your work on this chakra or you need to continue your practice for a few more weeks. 

    Hopefully not! Or, you may discover a new chakra that you need to pay attention to.

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    All the best to you. You’ve got this! Sending you positive energy 🤗


    Which method would you use to unblock your Root Chakra? Any other ideas to share?
    Let us know in the comment section, maybe others will get some inspiration from you too!

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