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Seahorse Earrings


Seahorse Earrings

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Isn’t it lovely to know that our seahorses are magical creatures that are believed to have medical power? Sadly, this belief has caused our seahorses being overfished for international trade. We have specially designed this “Seahorse earrings” set with a vibrant yellow accent to wish for happiness for the seahorses.

Did you know that in the world of seahorse, daddies are the ones who get pregnant and deliver babies? This is one of the many reasons our ocean is mysteriously and magically beautiful.

We should help our seahorses to live freely! Start spreading this important message and raise awareness for it!


    Made with genuine 925K Sterling Silver

    Plated with Rhodium for extra shine and extra strength

    Nickel and Lead-free for sensitive ears



We donate 10% of the net sales of these seahorse earrings to non-profit organizations who are experts in the ocean and beach cleanups, marine rescues, habitat research, policy advocate and more. 


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Seahorse Earrings


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