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'Wonders of The Ocean' Earrings Set

5 reviews

You may have known the famous 7 Wonders of The World... have you heard about the "7 Wonders of The Ocean”?

The "7 Wonders of The Ocean" is not just some pretty sea animal earrings. It is an earrings set specially designed to feature 7 charming sea animals whose lives are threatened by human activities and environmental changes. Each pair of these earrings is crafted with an educational story to raise the awareness of preserving our beautiful oceans.

The best part is... there are 7 pairs of earrings in the set. So, EACH day of the week, you will get to wear a different one to share your love of oceans with your friends and family!



Are you ready to learn about the story behind each of these cute ocean friends?


MONDAY - Starfish

Our adorable starfishes have been slowly melting away due to a disease outbreak and the effect of global warming. This "Starfish earrings" set is handcrafted to the ultimate spark to highlight our wish for them to stay healthy. We hope they can continue to brighten up our oceans, just like the stars in the sky.


TUESDAY - Seahorses

Our seahorses are believed to have mysterious medical power! Because of such belief, they are now overfished for international trade. We have instilled the vibrant yellow into our "Seahorse earrings" set to wish for happiness for these magical creatures.



WEDNESDAY - Penguins

Penguins are so cute! Did you know that they are currently facing starvation due to climate change? This “Penguin earrings” set dresses our adorable penguins with lots of Zirconia stones (25 to be exact on each earring) to wish them the wealth of food and health.



Are you afraid of the sharks? Don’t worry, our “Shark earrings” set is too cute for you to be frightened! In fact, it's shocking to know that every year, 100 million sharks are killed for their valuable fins and as bycatch. Who is really afraid here? This "Shark earrings" set designed with the sharks jumping out of the water shows our love for them to live freely in a peaceful ocean.


FRIDAY - Whales

Whales are the largest animal in the world and are at the top of the food chain, yet they are not invincible. They are at the brink of extinction due to climate change and pollution. Our playful "Whale earrings" set depicts the moment when our whale friends are having fun blowing water without worrying about their lives. That's our hope for a healthier habitat for them!


SATURDAY - Sea Turtles

Everyone loves sea turtles! But we have failed to protect them and they are now listed as endangered species. They are poached for eggs and meat, but are also victims of plastic pollution and discarded fishing gears. This "Sea Turtle earrings" set uses the beautiful green Zirconia stones to highlight the heart of the sea turtles which are longing for a peaceful living.



SUNDAY - Dolphins

Dolphins are so intelligent and we just love to watch and interact with them. As intelligent as they are, our dolphin friends can't escape from being the victims of pollution and bycatch. This "Dolphin earrings" set shows how comfortable the dolphins are jumping out of the water in front of us when all we bring for them is love. We should be a better friend for them!



It’s never too late to start making small changes for these adorable sea animals, such as reusing and repurposing things around you. Let's spread this important message and raise awareness for it!



    Each pair of sea animal earrings is handcrafted to the highest quality so that you can keep your ocean friends for a long long time

    Wear just the top part for a minimalist look or wear the complete set for a quirky ensemble

    Made with genuine 925K Sterling Silver

    Each flawless AAA Cubic Zirconia is handset with love by our artisans

    Plated with Rhodium for extra shine and extra strength

    Nickel and Lead-free for sensitive ears

    A very thoughtful gift for anyone who loves ocean and jewelry



We donate 10% of the net sales of this ocean earrings set to non-profit organizations who are experts in the ocean and beach cleanups, marine rescues, habitat research, policy advocate and more. 


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    Emily Y.
    I recommend this product
    I LOVE IT!

    These earrings are so ADORABLE! I love that the message behind these earrings is profoundly meaningful. I am always excited to wear them as I can wear different sea animals every day. They are perfect for me because my sensitive ears don't get irritated when wearing them.

    Megan C.
    I recommend this product
    small Earrings with Great LOVE!

    fall in love at my first sight of 7 sets lovely ocean creatures! It’s SPARK! I simply love it and you will never get bored with such adorable sea animals earrings. What a beautiful message behind the love of the creation! Bravo founder :) It’s soooooooo meaningful for me, not just to wear my all time favorite jewelry daily, but my heart with a wish to play a part to raise the awareness for our marine wildlife elegantly in a simple way. “A REMINDER”

    I recommend this product
    Perfect gift

    I bought these earrings for my little niece. She loves them! They are incredible cute and raise awareness to our future generations!

    I recommend this product
    Cute and safe earring set!

    As a ocean lover, these are all cute and have unique design of each ocean creatures. Wearing them all days since I got them! These will be probably cuter and more useful in summer, especially on beach, but I'm still wearing turtle, starfish and penguin pieces in this late-fall season. Also, the best thing for me with these cute ones is the fact that they are truly allergic-safe! I have sensitive ears and I've bought a lot of silver earrings both cheap and quite expensive ones, and almost all the time, I had to take a break wearing earrings due to allergic reaction. But not with these pieces!! I haven't had troubles with these ones so been able to wear them all the time even shower and sleep. (I'm lazy..) Besides, 7 sets of earrings never got bored, I've only worn them since I received changing a set, sometimes mix and match:) Highly recommended for whom gets easily bored with one design and has sensitive ears!

    Gwen K.
    I recommend this product
    Very nice set of earrings!

    Very nice set of earrings! Gave them to my daughter as a gift, she used to work at Sea World and is an advocate for sea life and rescues.