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Shark Earrings


Shark Earrings

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Sharks are always considered as dangerous animals. Did you know that humans are the ones that harm the sharks far more than they harm us? Every year, 100 million sharks are killed for their fins or are victims of bycatch. These activities have threatened the shark populations greatly.

This “Shark earrings” set is made with the initiative to save the sharks and make our ocean healthier. The creative design of the sharks jumping out of the water signifies the wish for them to live in freedom. We should come together and change the ocean for the better!

Start spreading this important message and raise awareness for it!


    Wear just the shark for a minimalist look or wear the complete set for a quirky ensemble

    Made with genuine 925K Sterling Silver

    Plated with Rhodium for extra shine and extra strength

    Nickel and Lead-free for sensitive ears



We donate 10% of the net sales of these shark earrings to non-profit organizations who are experts in the ocean and beach cleanups, marine rescues, habitat research, policy advocate and more. 


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Shark Earrings


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