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How to Open Your Crown Chakra

how to open your crown chakra

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Have you been feeling disconnected both with yourself and others over the past few days or weeks? Feeling a little isolated and disconnected spiritually, perhaps…

Maybe you feel a lack of direction, uninspired to maintain your goals in life?

Or do you feel that you are constantly chasing material pursuits, but are still unhappy?

How about your physical health?

Do you suffer constant headaches or insomnia? These two are the common symptoms of people who have a blocked Crown Chakra. In extreme cases, you may have neurological disorders, Schizophrenia and delusional disorders, and other nervous disorders. If any of the above symptoms are severe or persistent, please visit a medical professional.

If you have said YES to any of the above, it may sound scary, but don’t fret because this does not mean that your Crown Chakra is blocked permanently. (phew!)

Here comes the GOOD NEWS! You can open your blocked Crown Chakra just by following one or more of the simple methods that we will share with you just in a bit. 

But first, let’s talk about why opening the Crown Chakra is so important.

As the seventh and the final chakra, the Crown Chakra is the most spiritual chakra of all and it is your gateway to access the Universe or your higher self. Located right above the top of our head, the Crown Chakra shows us that there is a bigger and deeper meaning in life that governs us all. Sounds deep? Well, most of us are stuck in the rat race of life, let alone thinking about the ‘Bigger’ life. Since you are here today with us, we think that you are ready to do some work to get there, right?



The Crown Chakra represents WISDOM. To fully develop your Crown Chakra, you must go beyond your pride and ego, letting go of illusions such as money and material possessions. Then, you do some spiritual work to reinforce that happiness comes from within. You will thus be able to transcend physical laws and love and embrace the Divine's role in your life.

Energetically, the Crown Chakra is similar to the Root Chakra (a.k.a 1st Chakra). While the Crown Chakra represents our connection to the cosmos, the Root Chakra represents our connection to the Earth. The Root Chakra can be thought of as a basement to get rid of the energies the body does not need whereas the Crown Chakra is the warehouse that stores the energies of our spiritour thoughts, actions, and beliefs. Both the seventh and the first chakra represent the extremities of the chakra system and both play vital roles in stabilizing the rest of our chakras.

Setting The ABUNDANCE Intention

Before you start the unblocking chakra exercises, it is important for you to set your ABUNDANCE INTENTION first. When you say a little prayer or affirmation about what you are going to do, you are sending your intention out to the Universe, asking it to give you a blessing.

Do not overlook this mere action! The Law of Attraction and our intentions have the power to align our heart, mind, and body, and turn our thoughts into our new realities. With that, we are able to attract an abundance of wealth, health, and love to our lives.

At WonderSpark, this is how we like to set our Abundance Intention before starting to unblock the Crown Chakra:


Step 1: Put on WonderSpark Crown Chakra earrings


SHOP Crown Chakra Earrings

Step 2: Look into the mirror, focus on the color and symbol of the earrings

Step 3: Inhale and slowly exhale out all your worries (3x)

Step 4: Feel the energy of your Crown Chakra (a couple of inches above your head)

Step 5: Let the universe know your wishes for life. How would it be for you when you no longer experience the problems you have?

Once you have set your abundance intention, you can choose one or more of the following methods to unblock your Crown Chakra.

Method 1: Daily Affirmations

Regularly repeating positive mantras will help you replace negative thought patterns with positive and inspiring ones. At the same time, you will be able to realign your chakras to heal your body.

Think about how different your life would be if you were financially, physically, and emotionally secure... Do you see a bright future with no worries?

If you practice your affirmations on a daily basis, you will be able to manifest this abundance in your reality. Isn't this another incentive to include affirmations into your everyday routine?

Always keep in mind that only you know how you are feeling and what you want to receive out of this exercise, so take some serious time to create your own affirmation list. 

You have the choice of reciting these affirmations aloud, writing them down or doing both. Start with one of the five affirmations listed below if you're not sure about what to say or where to start. Remember to close your eyes and observe which of the following you connect with the most. Ask the Universe for help and allow yourself to be divinely guided.


Finally, WRITE DOWN your feelings after reading, saying, or writing your daily affirmations. You will be surprised to see how these affirmations uplift your life little by little with each passing day.

Method 2: The Chakra Yoga

Practicing yoga is another excellent way to balance your chakras. Energy will flow easily throughout your system, especially your head, as you move and stretch your body. This can help you relax and calm your mind, enabling your Crown Chakra to open up. We think that this yoga routine is a good starting point for you, and we hope you like it as much as we do. 😊

Video credit: Brett Larkin Yoga

Method 3: Cleansing Your Body with Crystals

Crystals are a natural way to heal your chakras. These stones can balance your mind, body, and spirit by realigning your body's natural energy flow. The Crown Chakra can be unblocked by wearing a crystal around your neck or lying down with a crystal on the top of your head and breathing for a few minutes.

Purple, white and clear crystal stones are the symbolic stones of the Crown Chakra. They are often used to assist in clearing any impediments to spirituality and enlightenment. The famous purple stone, Amethyst, is very powerful in soothing your mind and boosting your soul. You probably have it in your jewelry collection already 🤔

Another well-known stone, clear quartz—a transparent stone, is used to remove any negative energy that may be blocking your Crown Chakra. You can also give a try to other therapeutic stones like Apophyllite, Selenite, Lavender Quartz, and Sugilite. 

Here are some Crown chakra stones for you to get started with the crystal cleansing ritual:


Source: 7 Chakra Store 

Method 4: Meditation

Meditation is a very effective way to calm your mind and to help you tap into your spiritual power. To unblock and fully open your Crown Chakra, we highly recommend you to try this peaceful guided meditation. Several people have stated that they had a spiritual experience during this meditation. We wish you the same luck! 👍

Video credit: Meditative Mind


Did you know that including certain food items to your diet and wearing or seeing a particular color might aid in the opening of your Crown Chakra?

You may be skeptical about this, but you have nothing to lose trying it out, isn’t it?

Here are some additional options you can include in your Crown Chakra realignment ritual to maximize your effort:

    1. Detoxing, light meals, and fasting
    The Crown Chakra is responsible for our mental and spiritual well-being. Detoxing and fasting can help remove toxins from our bodies while also boosting energy and mental clarity. Doing these will enhance the experience of spiritual activities such as meditation or chanting. Remember to stay hydrated with water.

    2. Incense and smudging
    Burning herbs such as sage, lavender, frankincense, and juniper will help to ward off negativity and create a clean space for you to open your Crown Chakra to the highest form of spiritual connection.

    3. Go out and get some sunlight
    Going out in the sun and absorbing sunlight is great for the Crown Chakra. Further, spending time in nature allows you to connect with everything around you. If you know how to hike, you can climb up a hill. Viewing the beauty of this world from an elevation will allow you to feel a part of the Universe.

    4. Chanting 'AUM'

    It is highly recommended to chant AUM for a few minutes to heal your Crown Chakra since it represents the vibrations of this chakra.

    5. Color therapy

    You could also try visualizing or wearing the color Violet, which is the symbolic color of the Crown Chakra.

    6. Clean your surroundings

    Removing clutter from your surroundings can also create space in your mind and provide mental clarity, thereby healing the Crown Chakra.

    7. Embrace spirituality and be open to receiving divine guidance

    Develop a spiritual practice of your own and make it a part of your daily routine. Additionally, be open to signs or divine guidance received in the form of dreams, strange coincidences, daydreams, repetitive numbers or symbols, and intuitive gut feelings, amongst others. You may find the Universe’s messages for you from these signs.

    Those are quite some methods for you to try out! Please don’t get overwhelmed by them. The main thing to keep in mind is to use your INNER WISDOM that you must go ahead with only the method(s) that best suits you. Make these methods a regular part of your routine and perform them at least three to four times each week.

    You can only realign your Crown Chakra and begin attracting abundance into your life if you follow a steady practice and have a strong desire to manifest your desires. So, be persistent!

    After around 4 weeks of working on your Crown Chakra, come back to take our  "Which Chakra Is Blocked" quiz again to assess your progress and determine whether you still need to keep doing the same work. We hope it’s not going to be the case! You may, however, discover that you need to concentrate on a different chakra this time.

    To see how far you've come, take the chakra quiz here.

    Which Chakra Is Blocked QUIZ

    All the best to you. You’ve got this! Sending you positive energy 🤗


    Which method would you use to unblock your Crown Chakra? Any other ideas to share?
    Let us know in the comment section, maybe others will get some inspiration from you too!

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