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10 Proven Essential Oils for Anxiety and Stress for 2022

Essential oil bottles surrounded by pink and white flowers with the title "10 Proven Essential Oils For Anxiety and Stress for 2022"

Since the pandemic, our world has turned upside down. Many people have experienced an increased level of stress because they have to change the way they live.

Think about it, what have you been through this year? And what are you worried about for the future?

Here at WonderSpark, we are curious to know what are the TOP REASONS that make people feel anxious and stressed this past year. Are you wondering about this too?

So, we did some research, combing through the forums, surveys, Facebook groups and we have found THE TOP 3 REASONS that make people feel extra stressed or anxious this year.  (drum roll)


With the spontaneity of Covid, none of us have a clue what will happen next. People are finding themselves worrying about job security, the safety of going back outside, and all the other risks of life returning to “normal.”


It’s hard to maintain a schedule when everything is constantly changing. A lot of traditions and regimes have been interrupted this year, and this is super difficult for those who NEED structure to thrive. 


Our support systems can begin to crumble in times like these. It becomes increasingly difficult to check in with others while trying to deal with your own life. This can lead to less communication with friends or falling out of touch with relatives, leaving us to ourselves.


We know anxiety and stress can stem from anywhere but does any of the above resonate with you? If so, we just want you to know that you are not alone. There are so many people that we’ve seen on forums or Facebook groups who are struggling with the same things as you, and they are trying to find a way to cope with these issues.

As human beings, life is already pretty stressful. BUT, life in a global pandemic probably makes that stress a million times worse.

How do you begin to handle it all?

That’s why the Universe has led you here today! You want to know if essential oils can help you with your anxiety and stress problems.

Read on! In this post, we have Expert advice from our founder, Felice Lacroix, who is also a NAHA-certified aromatherapist to tell you how to use essential oils to soothe your emotional problems.

“There are so many essential oils that can help with anxiety and stress. It is important that you find out the ROOT CAUSE of your stress in order to pick the right essential oil for your needs.”

- Felice Lacroix
Founder of WonderSpark and

Can Essential Oils For Anxiety And Stress Really Help?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Imagine coming home from an annoyingly tedious day of work. You have the worst migraine in the world, you're hungry, there's more work to be done but, all you want is to relax.

You don't have the time to take a nap or do some yoga.

So what can you do?

You could take 3 seconds, grab your essential oil, put it in a diffuser, and let it work its magic.

Essential oils work almost instantly as you sniff the aroma.

This is because the scent molecules travel to our brain to stimulate our amygdala (the emotional center of the brain). Sometimes these oils will even retrieve our memory from experiences. 

For example, when you sniff in Sweet Orange essential oil, you will think of the best summer you have ever had; when you sniff in Siberian Fir essential oil, your favorite hiking moment may pop into your mind.

Now, we aren't saying that essential oils will automatically fix all of your problems. But, they could be a great tool to help you find the relaxation you're searching for, especially when you are pressed with time.

Here we would like to share Felice’s 10 favorite essential oils for anxiety and stress. Each is chosen with a common stress cause in mind.

Now, let’s find out which essential oil is right for you.

Our Top 10 Relaxation Essential Oils + Their Benefits

1) Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil for stress and anxiety

Price:  $

Cause of Stress:  Lack of support and doing too much for others without returns

How It Soothes You:  Calm and peace as you feel like your mom is by your side, supporting you through all challenges in life. For once, you can be cared for like a baby.

Let's talk about lavender. Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils around and, for good reason. This oil can make you feel like you're being held in your favorite loved one's arms. If your stress stems from feeling lost or feeling alone, lavender could be the support you need.

2) Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver Essential for stress and anxiety

Price:  $

Cause of Stress:  Feeling extremely insecure about many areas within your life

How it Soothes You:  Ground you as you are connecting to the center of the Earth. You will feel safe. 

Vetiver is often remembered because of its roots. A plant that can have roots as long as 10 ft deep in the ground. Ironically, this is the same benefit vetiver will have for you: it helps keep us grounded. On the days where you feel like you are all over the place, this oil will be there to bring you back down to Earth.

3) Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine for stress and anxiety

Price:  $$

Cause of Stress:  Lack of confidence in yourself

How it Soothes You:  Reassures you to trust in yourself. Almost like the voice in your head telling you to keep going.

Anyone who is lacking confidence, listen up! Jasmine should be your new best friend. This flowery scent can make you feel like you're on top of the world. We all get insecure sometimes but, with the help of this oil, you will begin to feel like a superstar. 

4) Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil for stress and anxiety

Price:  $$

Cause of Stress:  Heartache caused by others

How it Soothes You:  Acts as the loving hug you need while healing from this emotional wound.

If you're dealing with heartbreak or any other emotional turmoil, then look into Roman Chamomile. Any situation dealing with your heart can create stress and make you anxious. The weight of getting hurt makes it harder to persevere but, adding this oil to your routine will give you all the courage you need to move on. 

5) Rose Essential Oil

Rose for stress and anxiety

    Price:  $$$

    Cause of Stress:  Love-related issues

    How it Soothes You:  Calms you and brings forth your thoughts of love, comfort, and closeness. 

    You know the saying "stop and smell the roses?" Well, if you're experiencing stress about your romantic relationships, then you need to take that expression literally. This oil will remind you of the beauty of love. Just keep in mind that love comes at a price. (Rose essential oil is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world!!!)

    6) Clary Sage Essential Oil

    Clary Sage Essential oil for stress and anxiety

      Price:  $$

      Cause of Stress:  Fear of not reaching expectations

      How it Soothes You:  Brings a tsunami of peace to soothe the mind and remove doubts.

      This sweet-smelling herb is another scent that has a calming effect. Clary Sage is beneficial for anyone anxious about not reaching certain expectations. Make sure you have a lot of free time on your hands before using Clary Sage because this oil can be powerful. You might become TOO relaxed to get anything done. 

      7) Lemon Balm/Melissa

      Lemon Balm Essential Oil for stress and anxiety

      Price:  $$

      Cause of Stress:  Confusion between what you want versus what you need

      How it Soothes You:  Balances you so that you’re able to have faith in making the right decisions. 

      Think of a time where your heart desired something and your mind knew it was not good for you. That feeling of confusion can be helped with this honey-filled scent. Lemon Balm works wonders for people in need of balance. A whiff of this oil can relieve your internal tension and help maintain your equilibrium. 

      8) Bergamot Essential Oil

      Bergamot Essential Oil for stress and anxiety

        Price:  $

        Cause of Stress:  Random inexplicable sadness

        How it Soothes You:  Gives you friend-like warmth and consolation to improve your mood. It has an uplifting power!

        Bergamot is for the folks who have those unexplainable bad days. If you ever wake up and you just feel down, this oil is the best choice for you. Bergamot has a citrusy sweet aroma that exudes positivity and is fully capable of lifting your spirits. 

        9) Neroli Essential Oil

        Neroli Essential Oil

          Price:  $$$

          Cause of Stress:  Feeling brittle or insubstantial

          How it Soothes You:  Empowers you in a way that is mindful of your sensitive state. 

          This delicate flower provides comfort when we're in a fragile moment. Sometimes stress can cause us to feel like we can be easily broken. We walk on eggshells around ourselves and have our guards up to protect our feelings. Neroli has soothing properties that make us feel less frail. This essential oil has the power to passionately boost your confidence while remaining soft.

          10) Basil Essential Oil

          Basil Essential Oil for stress and anxiety

            Price:  $

            Cause of Stress: Overthinking

            How it Soothes You:  Halts your thoughts and allows you to unwind in silence.

            Basil comes in handy when your mind just can't seem to stop. This essential oil can help all the over-thinkers relax. Sometimes our thoughts run a mile a minute while finding reasons to stress. Basil can help us get that mental break that we all deserve.

            Diffuse Your Essential Oil On The Go

            We are experiencing stress in different forms every day. Wouldn't it be nice if we can get our stress under control by diffusing essential oil wherever we are?

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            THE CRYSTALS that we used in the bracelet possess high vibrational energy to balance your 7 chakras and promote calm.

            THE ESSENTIAL OIL that we crafted has a calming aroma that brings you peace, a fruity note that uplift your mood, and a refreshing minty scent that increase alertness and boost confidence so you have what it takes to push through your day.

            Stress No More crystal bracelet for stress and anxiety

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            Have You Found Your Favorite Relaxation Essential Oil Yet?

            Like we said earlier, essential oils can be a great and effective way to manage your stress and anxiety. Hopefully, now you have a better insight into which oil is most fitting for you and your needs.


            Let's make 2022 your best year ever! Stack up some relaxation essential oils and let go of all this year's tension and become the best version of ourselves! 

            P.S. If you want to learn more about aromatherapy bracelets and how they can help get you started on a spiritual journey,read this blog post.


            Which essential oil do you think suits you best?

            Let us know in the comment section.

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