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Every year, on the 8th of June, we celebrate World Ocean Day to raise awareness about the role the ocean plays in our lives. It is also a very significant day we let people know about all the unhealthy things we have done to our ocean and what we can STOP DOING to save the ocean.
What’s your thought when you see the title of this blog post - ‘Ocean Meditation in Your Bathtub’? Are you more excited about the ocean or meditation...Or just the bathtub?
Overcoming sadness after child loss is the most challenging task anybody can ever endure. There are not so many ways or a formula to go through it. You just have to hope that things will fall into place someday.

If you read this, you've probably lost someone recently and you're looking for answers. If you are just a friend who wants to help someone who is currently grieving, you may want to check out our other article here: how to help a friend who is grieving a loss of father. Let's get started!

  • 17 min read
Helping a friend who is grieving a loss of father is never easy, but with the right information and encouragement, you can be the friend to make that grief easier. Read the real-life advice from people who went through it and how their friends helped them, and find out what can you do in a situation like this.
  • 12 min read

Single ladies! Want to know how to pull off a GALentine's Day or Single Day party that is equally lovely and fun.? Follow our ultimate guide for some amazing party ideas that will make your dating/married friends ditch their beaus for your party.

Perfect and meaningful Valentine's gift ideas for him. This Valentine's Day give more than a gift: give memories, give feelings, give time. Check out for our gift and activities ideas for a Valentine's Day to remember.
Family bonding time is time spent meaningfully. Learn why family bonding is important and look through our unique family bonding activities, games and challenges to make the process fun.
Are you shopping for gifts for ocean lovers? We have compiled a list of 10 beach/ocean themed products that supports marine preservation. They will sure make very thoughtful gifts for your loved ones!
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